If your boss has given you a room after your promotion and you have liberty to decorate or arrange the furniture in your own way, then don’t shy and avail this liberty. There are so many ways to arrange the room but arrange in such a way that represents you while keep your room formal but informal, a little bit so that your employees would find it easy to interact with you and have some communication which is necessary to achieve success and fruits. 

There are different ways to arrange furniture but the easiest way to decorate the room is 

  1. Table: Buy or arrange glass-made table for your room. Keep it in centre of the place. Place your laptop or PC on it. You can also place some of your favourite things like photo frame of your loved ones, calendar, pen holder that would be made by your kids or siblings or youngest niece or nephews to add some life in it. 
  2. Rack or side-board: Buy a wooden side board or deck or rack that would have some portions so that you can place your files and documents in it. You can book each compartment for different things. Label each part that what will you keep in it so that it would be easier for you and your employees to place things. Besides documents and files, you can place your corporate gifts and stationary in it too.
  3. Flower pot: You can buy a sand made flower pot that would have big natural flowers or flower stand that would have artificial flowers and leaves to keep it corner to add some colours in your room to make it informal a bit. You can, in fact, keep a bottle of money plant on your table to spread greenness in your room.
  4. Frame: Buy a little big frame for your room. It can either be painting of natural scenery or abstract art. And if you love contemporary art or modern art, then buy a few decent frames of it as well and place them in stylish way that can amaze anyone.
  5. Curtains: Buy soft coloured curtains for your room or blinder to keep it formal. Choose soft colours only because it will keep it decent and simple.

So, these are few things to buy and arrange them in room. You can even consult specialists of office interior design Dubai or visit different exhibition stand companies in Dubai to get idea.