When you think about starting your own business then you have to think about different factors like what arrangements do you need for setting up and what you want to get through that business. Before setting up a business in Dubai you have to make a list of all these arrangements and then arrange them in a priority manner. You have to start with the most desirable to the least desirable arrangement.

Another thing which is important to take care of is the staff you hire. You have to hire people with most suitable skills and experience for your business. For each position you have to recruit with great care and especially for the positions of positions of key employees like managers and factory heads. As the proprietor of the business you can hire anyone and also fire anyone at any time but it is said as the business courtesy to give the notice of at least one week prior to firing anyone so that they can search for other jobs.

When you think about company formation in Dubai free zones then you have to be very careful about all the rules and regulations which are operated in Dubai so that you may not face any kind of problem in the later stages of your company. You have to deal with all your assignments in the currency of Dubai so you have to think like that. You also have to take care of your spending limit, there should be a check and balance for it and you can also hire a special advisor for this purpose of you think that you will be unable to handle this.

When you are starting a business then you have to set limits about the way of customizations which you can offer to your clients. You cannot say them that you can give them whatever on the earth they want because every business has their own limitations and you cannot offer anything beyond that. If you do that then you will not only lose you client due to non-delivery of desired consignment but also you will lose your reputation in the market. New clients will feel hesitant to start new projects with you and it will badly affect your business.