There are a huge number of architects in Dubai and if you want to become one of them then you have to first get the proper information about this field and then you have to take the necessary education. When you get the required education only then you can have a job in any of the mechanical engineering company in Dubai. If you want to get the information required then you have to look at this article and you have to read it till the end:

Role: There are different kinds of roles which a mechanical engineering has to do. One of the roles is that they have to research intensely about the devices so that they can design new ones with better outlook and with better operational importance. When they design the tool then the next step is that they have to develop those devices. Sometimes they have to only test the mechanical devices which are already in working to make sure that they are working properly without any hindrance. They have to ensure about the smooth working of all the tools so that there will be no glitches in the manufacturing process. Other than making and analyzing tools for the mechanical devices they also have a role in medical and manufacturing industry so there is a great chance of getting hired if you have the correct knowledge and passion for this field. Another role of mechanical engineers is that they will serve in the field of research and development too. They have to do R&D in the labs so that they can ensure about new device designs and their operations.

Work: The basic work of a mechanical engineer is in the office. They have to work from their but sometimes if the company got any problem in any of the tools then they have to go the site and examine the tools which are problematic. They have to work hard all day long and sometimes their work did not finished with the regular working hours and they have to work till late night. They often get work at the weekends too so if you want to become a mechanical engineer then you have to keep this thing in you r mind that you have to work hard all day.