A dog is the world’s most loyal animal. Dog knows how to protect his owners and his house when properly trained. There have been many cases where people confess that when eveyone left them including their relatives and all, only dogs stayed loyal and protected them till their last breathe.

Qualities of dogs

There are many breeds of dogs like mixed breed, German Shepard, Labrador, Pointer, Russian, British sheep dog, Rottweiler, Doberman, Pug, Bully and a lot more. Investigative teams love keeping German shepherds because they help them in pointing out and tracing criminals and drugs. Whereas Golden retrievers love to play fetch a thing games like the owner throws a ball and these dogs fetch it back to them.

A dog is a genuinely intelligent animal, each phase of a dog’s life is adorable from being a puppy till growing old dog. It is said that the dog is a man’s best friend and in many parts of them world, couples that do not have children or those people who are living alone without any partners do not feel isolated or alone because they have the most loyal creature with them who is faking love or trying to deceive them and in return all they want is a shelter, food and love. It is not just for dogs but if you adopt any animal be it a fish, it becomes a part of your family and you start thinking about them as a family member.

What to do if you lack space to have a dog?

Keeping a dog is not always possible for some of the people and they get upset that they are lacking such a blessing of life. In order to meet such situation, these people can feed the dogs that are homeless and deserving on the streets even if they can afford feeding them their leftover food only. Secondly, if they see any injured or needy animal they should take him to the vet and get him treated because many good vets offer special discounts for rescued animals.

Thirdly, one should avoid teasing, torturing or disturbing any animal and should stop others who are being wrong towards animals. This is the part of our ethics. If animals are not blessed enough to speak their feelings out that does not mean at all that they are deprived of feelings. We humans need to be the voice of animals.

Services provided by vets for dogs

There are many services offered at vet’s for dogs and some of these services are acupuncture, allergy testing, anesthesia, bathing and hygiene, behaviour science, cancer treatment, boarding, cardiology, dermatology, dental care, diagnostic imaging, endoscopy, emergency care, flea and tick, gastropexy, dog grooming services, heartworm prevention, microchip id. UAE pet insurance is also available not only in UAE but in other parts of the world as well.