There are different fire and safety companies in Dubai which are operating to help people in the time of need. You can call for a help when you see any fire in the nearby area and they will come to you within minutes as they have several different offices in different areas of a city. These companies sometimes also provides the maintenance but there are also specially available fire fighting maintenance companies in Dubai from which you can get the basic information about overcoming fire and also you can get your fire tanks refilled from there.

 There are five different kinds of extinguisher which are used to tackle different kinds of fire because one type of extinguisher will never work on all types of fire. You can get more information about these in here:

Water extinguisher: It will be used for those fires which happen due to the burning of paper or wood. People now would like to have a lot of wood made things in their houses which increases the chances of fire as wood and paper will catch fire easily and then can burn other things to.

Foam extinguisher: This is better than water extinguisher because it can be used on fire caused by the liquids like petrol and also can be used for paper or wood inflated fire. This should be used by the professionals only because it may be difficult to handle.

Dry powder extinguisher: Out of all five this is the best extinguisher as it can be used for almost all kinds of fires except the fire caused by the deep fryer pans as stated earlier that no one kind is suitable for all the fires.

Carbon dioxide extinguisher: This can be used for liquid causing fire like from the burning of petrol and also can be used for fires caused due to the burning of electric elements like computer. These are more suitable for petrol pumps and offices.

Wet chemical extinguisher: This will be used for industrial use where the fire will burn on very high temperatures due to the wide area covering from paper or wood. But can be used in household fire too where the fire is due to the fryer burning and will be unable to cope from any other extinguisher type.