When you enter in to the cake shop in Dubai, you will see many different types of cakes in which they have used different flavors. You can get any flavor of your choice or pick the one they already have displayed in their shop. You have to pick according to the function and the type of function you are going to organize. When you want to get baby shower cake Dubai then you need to give more attention to the looks of the cake than the taste because it will be in the pictures of the baby book. Here are a few different flavors which you can get:

Vanilla cake: Everyone loves the taste of vanilla cake as it is the most demanding and historical flavor ever. Everyone can eat this cake so when you are in doubt about the choice of flavor you can always go for the vanilla and most of the other flavors will go easy with it so you can choose any combination to make your guests enjoy every bite of it.

Carrot with cream cheese: This combination is not very popular among the functions but people will love to have this amazing combination of sweet carrots and cream cheese toping with the tea in the evening. It is the widely used tea cake and much better with some additional dry fruits in them.

Chocolate fudge: It is the gooiest kind of the cake which many people like as their birthday cake. It melts down in your mouth with the heaven sweetness and you will not resist eating more of it even though you are on diet. Chocolate fudge is used in both ways, as the toppings and also as the filling. You can use both in the same cake or choose one option, it is up to you.

Red velvet: It is also very common flavor but due to slightly bitter taste some people will not like it. You can first try a piece of this cake before you order it as a birthday cake if you haven’t tried it before. Its color is amazing and when it is served with butter cream icing or cream cheese icing then it will create an amazing taste. With its great red color you can go for the pink colored toping of icing and it will turn out great.