Work ethic is not a term which can be defined as to behave in a dignified manner in a workplace. It is a wide term which can be defined as to work professionally by cooperating with each other to prefer work and organization over personal benefits. 

The term is the sum up of:

  1. Honesty
  2. Cooperation
  3. Quality of work
  4. Time management 
  5. Determination, and 
  6. Responsible. 

Honesty: If an employee dresses well everyday but he or she is not honest. He or she behaves differently in the presence of boss than in his absence then an employee is not honest. He or she is a two face person. An employer or a company wants honest person who values integrity and is concerned about company and its progress because it is honesty and integrity that can yield positive results and growth in company.

Cooperation: A company can be run by the compilation of the effort of its all employees and employers. Therefore, there is need of teamwork and cooperation. By cooperating with the fellow employees will strengthen bond among fellows and that bond will result in betterment of company. This betterment will improve income and salary of all workers. There are sessions of coworking, Dubai and other countries hold them, to improve the workforce.

Quality of work: What does an employer want from his or her employees? Simple he or she wants better work which would not require any improvement. If an employee wants respect and appreciation, then he or she should focus on quality of work. They should work more on their project to make it better than the required performance.

Time management: Punctuality is must in workplace because clients do not wait for a second to get their files and projects. A delay from the side of employees could result in insult and bad reviews for the organization. Besides this, punctuality makes a person reliable for an employer on which he or she can trust at the time of difficulty.  

Determination: The drive for success and the effort to achieve higher position is appreciated by all employers and boss of the company. It is the quality which make an employee to work efficiently on time. Therefore, there are sessions on determination in meeting rooms in Dubai to keep them motivated and make them to work harder and focus on achieving success. 

Responsible: Every company and organization want their employers and employees to be able to take responsibility and fulfil them efficiently that can give success and appreciation from whole department and seniors.