What is covered under warranty

While getting a car on the road it is necessary that you should get a warranty for your car because it will provide you some amazing coverage when you get indulge in any accident. There are many different garage owners and manufacturers who will provide you this warranty and then the extended warranty but you have to take a look at the BMW warranty UAE as you need to get the best thing from there and to know about what is covered under a good warranty, you should read more here:

Total warranty:

In this kind of warranty there will be a complete system of warranty for your car and you can have including everything in your warranty like from front bumper to the rear bumper which means everything in your car is under warranty including different systems like the air conditioning.


In this kind of warranty you will get the warranty of your car engine only and all the other parts which are related to or inside the engine will come under the warranty and when you get in an accident which damage your engine then you will get that repaired without any further payment and also if there will be any problem in your engine while running then you will also get the assistance.


In this kind of warranty you will get the protection from any damage due to rust. This is very useful when you are not using your car too much or when you are living in a place where the moisture level in the air is too high because it will cause rust to different parts of your vehicle and then they will not work in a good condition. You need to constantly clean your car’s engine and take care of it as you will not want your car gets jammed due to rust when you need that.


Some of the warranties will provide you help on the road when you go out and need some assistance like the towing you need or any other service which you need while on the road. Sometimes you get stuck at the middle of the road while going to a far place then you definitely need someone to help you in this regard and at this time you will need the warranty to help you.