What to Check before Hiring a Window Cleaner

Before hiring a professional cleaner for window cleaning, it is important to get references. Ask for their portfolio, social media pages, and website for reviews. You can also read Yelp reviews to get an idea of their service quality. After a successful cleaning, you will want to make sure your windows look new again. Here are some things to keep in mind before hiring a window cleaner. Follow these tips to ensure your windows will look new again.

Make sure they have the right tools

When choosing a window cleaner, you should ensure they have the right tools. Newspapers and paper towels often clean windows, but they break down and leave lint behind. Instead, choose a microfiber squeegee cloth, which catches the dirt and leaves no residue or lint behind. Once the windows are clean, you should wipe them dry and wipe them with a dry cloth or a scrubber.

Check to see any wasps in the area

Before letting a window cleaner work on your windows, check to see any wasps in the area. Professionals are likely to have difficulty spotting wasp nests, so you should look for them before they come. Pay special attention to the overhangs of your roof. If you spot a wasp nest, call a professional to remove it or point out the nest to your window cleaner.

Check the materials they use

When hiring a window cleaner, you should check the materials they use.A reusable microfiber cloth is better than a paper towel. It is more absorbent and doesn’t leave streaks or lint. Using a microfiber cloth can also help prevent water spots on windows. If a paper towel is not strong enough, it can tear easily. A squeegee tool is recommended to remove excess water before starting the cleaning process.

Be sure they offer a guarantee for their services

A window cleaning company should offer a guarantee for their service. This is an important consideration, and a professional will always provide you with quality cleaning. Before hiring a window cleaner, check if the company uses solvents or abrasive cleaning materials. Many companies will not take the time to double-check the work that they have performed. Be sure to point out any issues before signing the contract.