Depression is a serious health condition which should not be dismissed that easily. There must be proper measures taken to ensure the safekeeping of a depressed person, especially when it is a child. It can affect children in their daily life in ways that can harm their mental ability to cope with studies and concentrate or even deprive their interests from their favourite activities.


The symptoms of depression are pretty common. The state of sadness and not enjoying or having pleasure in activities that children used to do can be all things that point out to the red flags.

Sometimes a sudden weight loss or weight gain can also mean that there are mental problems subconsciously in mind. The weight loss or weight gain is related to depression in such a way that when a person is depressed, they undergo stress eating which results in weight gain and vice versa for weight loss. It varies from person to person that how their mechanism works.

Not very common in children but a symptom shown by adults is the lack of decision making ability and their fatigue which overcomes them. In severe cases, depression can lead to suicidal thoughts and death as well.


If your child is suffering through depression then there is absolutely no compromisation or getting away from depression treatment Dubai by consulting a good psychologist. They will help you and guide through all the procedures and preventive measures that one should take.

There will medicines also which will be prescribed in order to keep depression and anxiety at rest. Anxiety counselling Dubai says that sometimes leads to depression and anxiety can also be a symptom of depression. If anxiety isn’t treated with proper medication, it can spread like a poison in one’s brain and lead to nervous breakdown as well.

In extreme severe cases, hospitalization also becomes a must. People become out of control and no medication helps them in curing or even keeping the depression at bay. After a few days in the hospital if the condition still does not stabilizes, then they must be admitted in psychic wards. 

But if you take action at the right moment, then nothing like this will happen and everything will go back to normal with the right treatment.