There are several agencies to provide assistance to the people of Dubai but you have to consult with the best immigration agency in Dubai when you want to migrate from Dubai to any other country. If you want to go to Canada then you have to select the best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai to get the information about it. You can also read this to get further information about the type of visas which are provided by the Canadian government. There are basically two types of visas which are as follows:

Temporary: This is for a shorter time to fulfill one or two tasks and after that time people have to return back from Canada.

Permanent: This is for life long journey for the people who want to live there forever. They can visit their home country once or twice a year but they have to live in Canada for most of the time of the year.

After these two types there are further three types of visas which are extensions of these two. These three are the sub types of above mentioned types and these are as follows:

Working visa: This visa is a type of temporary visa and provide to the young blood so that they can come to Canada and work there for their earning. In this type of visa most benefit is for the country that is giving that visa because fresh graduates will attract to the country and leave their country to work there. That country will have the new and enthusiastic people to serve.

Business visa: This is given to the business men so that they will come with the money to the host country and start their business there. This is a kind of permanent visa because once the business is settled then it will be very difficult for them to leave all the setup there and go back to the home country.

Working holiday visa: It is a unique kind of visa which is provided by very few countries including Canada. In this visa Canada offers a slightly longer period of visa than the regular visit visa so that people can do their business along with enjoying the beauty of Canada. They can stay there for longer than the temporary visa allows them.

If you are planning to visit Canada anytime soon, make sure that you go through the information above to decide which visa option is best for you.