Settling into a new and different country is not easy and not being accepted makes it even harder for the immigrants to adjust into the new society and make place for themselves. Immigrant settlement services Ontario itself finds it difficult to make people understand how bizarre and funny they sound thinking and speaking about little senseless things. So here are a few busted myths to pop your bubble of thinking:

  • Immigrants increase the rate of unemployment amongst locals

This is not true at many different levels. The first and foremost difficulty that immigrants face is that their foreign credentials are not recognized by the locals and this is the reason they are rejected many times. Not only this but in order to gain better experience of the society, immigrants have to wait several years to learn and observe the local dynamics which leads them to settling for entry level jobs such as driving and working at counters for a pay which is way less than their credentials.

  • Immigrants live off social assistance which makes them lazy

Even though it is true that social assistance which is granted to them by Ontario settlement services is feeding them does not mean that they are draining the society and completely living off of it. When in reality the same social assistance is provided to the locals who have a higher rate than disabled and poor immigrants who cannot manage their living themselves. So in reality, it’s actually the other way around.

  • Canadian immigrants are uneducated and unskilled

Well, if that is true – even though it isn’t but let’s just pretend for a second it is – then how do these immigrants pass the visa requirements? From students to job seeking individual, everyone need to have a good well educated background with verified degrees and certificates that can help them in scoring good points for the visa application. This makes them more educated than Canadians themselves.

Some of these are bizarre and others are funny, what really matters is that whatever others think about you must be changed because you know your real worth and it shouldn’t matter what and who you are unless you want to feel lower than ones believing in these myths.