We all hear since childhood that teeth are important part of our body and we have to brush them two times a day if we want them to be healthy and strong. If we do not brush them in the morning then we may swallow all the bacteria that grow during the night in our mouth and it will make us sick. On the other hand if we do not brush at night then all the food particles and stains will be remain in our mouth which will cause cavity and other oral problems in the teeth. If we want to have the best teeth whitening Abu Dhabi then we have to brush two times and also we have to visit the dentist every month. Here are some advices for brushing you can check it out:

When you start your day make sure to start it with proper brushing. When we say proper brushing then it means that you have to brush for more than five minutes and with full concentration. You have to concentrate on each tooth and brush with appropriate strokes which are recommended by the dentists. You have to first start brushing from the roots of the teeth and the swipe up the brush towards the ends or tips of the teeth in this way you will swipe out all the bacteria and food particles that were residing in the roots of the teeth. You also have to do this in a circular motion as it will increase the level of cleaning.

When you brush at the night then you have to be more concerned as you spend your whole day eating and drinking and there might be a huge quantity of bacteria in your mouth which will damage your teeth if not cleaned. You have to brush with the same method as you do in the morning and other than that it is advisable to use the mouth wash too in order to increase the chances of cleaning. Mouth wash will help in cleaning the remaining bacteria which left out even after brushing. If you use mouth wash at night then you do not need to use that in the morning. You have to use a good quality mouth wash that will help you fight with bacteria.